Monday, July 30, 2007

mero sathi ko sweetie

mero ekjana sathile ekdin class ma usko kukur liyera aaki thi. tesko ali din agadi usle afno bacha chaina bhaneki thi malai. class pachi ma u ani usko kukursangai river festival gako thiye. ekchin pachi usle mero chori ma sanga bhanda usko daddy sanga ramauche. usko father le office bata ayepachi suru ma uslai liyera ghumna jancha ani khelayera ghar lyaucha. usko father ra ma dubai jana huda usle afno father sanga time bitauna prefer garche ke ke the meantime I was kind of confused ani maile tero bacha chaina hoina bhanera sodheko ta usle ta tehi kukurko ba ama bhanda afu ra afno husband ko kura po gariraki rahiche. malai bhitra bhitra ta ekdam haso lageko thiyo tara usle tyo sab kura yeti serious bhayera explain gareki thi ki hasyo bhane pani ramro hunnathyo tehi bhayera haso khapera base. ani ajkal maile uslai phone garda usko husband ko barema sodhnu parda sweetie ko daddy ko ke cha bhanera sodhchu u danga pardai maali both father and daughter are doing fine bhanche. ha ha

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


It's raining a lot here these days like it does in Pokhara. I am missing those days at IoF. Whenever it rained I used to sit on my table that was right next to the corner window and watch. Now I am doing the same here. Missing all those time. Everything is same here as well except my friends who would come, peep through my door and call me crazy.
During my last months stay at IoF hostel, I used to feel like I would never have that kind of freedom, that kind of fun never again in my life. Now I have much more freedom, but no more fun like that. I really want to hang around with my friends in the same way, cycling around lakeside . That drives me crazy.................. missing everything backhome

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pictures from MUSTANG

This is the walled city, Lo-Manthang which you can reach in 5 days walk from Jomsom or in 2 and half days horse ride.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


I had worked in Upper Mustang for my undergrad project paper. I worked there during the month of July and November in 2005. So far I have spent just 0.6% of my life in that part of the world, but, it has left such impression on me that I feel kind of attachment to that piece. I had been there for an ecological study, after spending for time with the people I was fascinated by the culture of the area. I am looking forward to work in that area again in my life. Everything is amazing there and it's a place worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. Each and everything was exciting for me. I never knew before that people are still living in caves. I would never have been able to feel the condition of the nomads if I hadn't got that chance to visit. Besides everything, the landscape of Upper Mustang, it's breathtaking. That experience was rewarding in all the ways.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I am so confused

My thesis is killing me everytime before I have started anything. I dont have any concrete idea. Sometime I feel like I would enjoy to working on ecology sometime on molecular biology and sometime I even think of the non thesis option. God what the hell is going on with me. I am desperately waiting for the day when this thing would be sorted out.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


At this time I am really confused and frustrate regarding my thesis. I dont know exactly what am I doing. When I hear others asking me what's your interest, it leaves me most confused. I am asking myself these days what my real interest is. At this point of life I am looking back and visualising how I came in this field. I have been questioning myself is this all that I really wanted to do in my life? I never took any decision myself . And now I am scared of every consequences. How long am I going to study just for the sake of studying? I am not enjoying my work. I am trying to force myself all the time.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Is it ethical to restrict Wildlives within political boundary?

The fence in the picture separates Tibet and Nepal. What about its impact in the movement of wildanimals?

My sister's wedding

Wish I were at home today. It's my sister's wedding and everyone is at home. I am the only one left behind.
Oops I cannot believe that it's Sangita's wedding. The foremost thing hitting my mind at this time is our frequent quarrels. We used to make the most out of our parents absence at home. No matter they were away for half an hour, we used to start. Hey Sangita remember how you pinched me in the mid night. Those kids have grown up enough to get married. He he , Sangita has got instruction from our parents not to talk so much with her groom during the ceremony as she did during her engagement. (This thing would be interesting to many of you )
I am really excited to hear about Sangita's stay along with her in laws in Dang.


This sort of panaromic vista kills me. I shot these moutains under the blue sky and partly covered with clouds with my cam from my terrace near Lakeside, Pokhara in a fine morning a couple of years ago.

Ach........ I am turning nostalgic. I was born and brought up in the lap of the very mountain called Machhapuchchhre.

My Pokhara, My Pride, My home

I miss you Pokhara!

Thanks to the photographer Alred Molon who shot Pokhara and posted these pictures in his site. Full credits to him.

Kathmandu Basantapur


With blue-sheep in Jomsom

Here I am now

Sometimes only words can be the resort to assuage oneself; it's my experience. One has to find a very good and understanding individual as friend to get listened to... but words... they always are ready to flow with you.... be it jolly mood or gloomy....

I am a graduate student in a US university; I study conservation biology. Being a student/researcher I have loads of experiences that I can share with others. Also, I am an individual with true human sentiment; I have feelings and I may have my sort of opinion also which, I believe, I will try to archive in this platform.

Readership is the heart of writing-for-readers phenomenon. So I would love to welcome you readers and expect comments from you also. Thanks in advance.